Shamrock Royal Tour of Ireland

    My escorted 15-day, 14-night Shamrock Royal first class coach tour with Royal Irish is one of the most comprehensive you can do in Ireland. In 14 nights, it takes in many of the major attractions such as Titanic Belfast, the Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher. As well as staying in popular places such as Dublin and Killarney, this tour spends many nights in lovely towns & villages, such as 2-nights in Westport, known for its lively pubs and quirky shops; and 2-nights in the historic city of Kilkenny, which boasts as stunning castle, cathedral and many great shops & museums along the medieval mile. On this tour, all your attraction visits and experiences, accommodation, breakfast, touring and most evening meals are included. So, it’s certainly a hassle-free, relaxing way to enjoy the Emerald Isle. The maximum group size on these tours is 38 guests on a 45-seater coach. 99% of guests on these tours live in Canada.

    When you think of Ireland, a few things often come to mind – green landscapes, castles, coastline… Bono perhaps. But the Ireland of today really is a whole lot more than that. It’s a land full of mythological stories & folklore, historic towns & cities as well as modern, quirky places, including great restaurants, bars and visitor attractions. Many come to see the major attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse or the Cliffs of Moher. But while on the Emerald Isle, they discover many other reasons why Ireland was on their bucket list.
    There are three major reasons why people come back time and time again.
    Reason 1 - The People
    No matter where you go on the island of Ireland, you’ll meet friendly locals along the way with a genuine in interest in hearing your story. They might ask you your last name, where you’re from, what you had for lunch… but they’re not being nosey, they’re honestly interested in connecting with you, in enhancing your experience in Ireland. They’re never shy about giving you a recommendation or two also about what to do either - where you should go, must-see sites, the best pub in their town, for example. Ireland is famous for the ‘Cead Mile Failte’, which translates from Irish Gaelic to ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’.
    Reason 2 - The History
    At first sight, Ireland is a tranquil and beautiful land of rolling green hills, charming towns and quiet waters. But dig a little deeper and you'll discover ancient mysteries, millennia-old myths and over 5,000 years of history. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get as you step inside a 5,000-year-old monument. Or the jaw-dropping coastal view from the top of a 13th century lighthouse. Ride the waves across to Spike Island in Cork, known as Ireland's Alcatraz, and once the largest prison in the world. Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings through the narrow streets and medieval treasures of Dublin and Waterford. Or take a moment on top of the mystical Hill of Tara in County Meath, dwelling place of the gods. A trip through Ireland brings history to life against a backdrop of unforgettable scenery.
    Reason 3 - The Food
    For a small island the food scene really is exceptional. As you traverse the island you can understand why. Agriculture is a huge industry, and the small family run farm is still the norm in the more rural area. Restaurants, bars and other eateries pride themselves on sourcing local, fresh ingredients wherever possible. Go into any pub in rural Ireland and chances are you will see many local ingredients on the menu – cheese from down the road, a beer that’s brewed a couple of kilometers away, fish that was bought at the local market that morning. Of course, the weather helps too, which helps make lush green fields for the animals to graze on and creates rich soil for the root vegetables to grow in. Being an island means there is a wide array of seafood and shellfish options too. Smoke salmon & trout. Fresh hake, haddock, cod. For vegetarians and vegans, Ireland is ahead of many other countries in terms of their offering. Long gone are days of a bland pasta or mushroom risotto as the only veggie option. Many meat eaters with often even pick the vegetarian option on the menu. For coeliac’s too, Ireland is well prepared. Restaurant, cafes and pubs will usually have gluten-free breads on the menu (often as good as gluten-full ones), and any decent place will have quality gluten-free dishes.
    HOW TO TRAVEL AROUND IRELAND? If you’re not comfortable driving on the left, and if you wish to leave the whole itinerary to the experts, this is a nice option: First class coach tours are a lovely way to see a destination, especially if you only plan to visit it once. With Royal Irish Tours, you will get a great mix of the must-see sights as well as visiting more off the beaten track, lesser-known area. And the big bonus is you have a very knowledgeable tour guide with you to bring each destination to life.

    Double/Triple Occupancy: $4199/person
    Single Occupancy: $5299
    Book by December 15, 2022, and save $50/person
    International air not included

    Tour starts May 23, 2023. Ask me for a quote on airfare and insurance:

    First Class Signature Hotels

    • Grand Hotel, Malahide ★★★★

    • Europa Hotel, Belfast ★★★★

    • Kee’s Hotel, Donegal ★★★

    • Westport Coast, Mayo ★★★★

    •  Radisson Blu, Limerick ★★★★

    • Dromhall Hotel, Killarney ★★★★

    • Ormonde Hotel, Kilkenny ★★★★

    • Gresham Hotel, Dublin ★★★